I didn’t think I’d have homework this fall because I wasn’t taking any classes. Well… guess again.  I’m taking a blogging workshop with Delia Rusu from Blog Formatting and we’ve got homework. So for me to make sure I keep everything straight and get it done I’ll be listing it here and discussing it as I go. {to be updated as completed}

Week 2 homework ** Your blog and Facebook **
Part A – Facebook account optimization

1. Make sure your Facebook fan page account has a short URL.
~ Done – http://www.facebook.com/tracieeastmanauthor which is exactly what I want it to say, as I had already updated this when I created my page.  Name branding for the future novel or poetry book I’m determined to publish. 

2. Review/update your fan page info.
In the Admin panel, click Edit Page, Update Page Info.
– set up proper Category ~Already done.
– write a Short Description starting with your blog URL and using your keywords ~Done = revamped it.
– write a Long Description about what your business/blog does and how you help people.  ~Done = revamped it.
– Enter your email and website URL  ~Already done.

3. Review/update your Facebook fan page cover photo and profile photo. ~ Currently I have a photo I took last fall as my cover page. My thoughts were to change them for the season but have them Maine themed or relating to my daily life. After all my blog is about my life in Maine.

4. Ensure that your personal account is linked to your fan page account.  ~ I share all of my FBPages on my personal profile. However my personal profile is locked down so much that I don’t have anyone added to it that I don’t know in person (barring a handful of people.)

Part B – New blog post and Facebook likes

5. Write and publish a new post
~ I was going to edit my “Social… what? Media?” post but I cannot find/edit the image I have on there currently to updated it. I still may edit the post for sharing this week. As next week is about Twitter which prompted me to write the post when other bloggers started Twitter accounts.

6. Visit all the blogs posted in the Facebook group under the prompt.
From their blog, like everybody’s Facebook fan page from your personal profile. The reasons I am asking to like from the blog, is because we are testing how easy it is for someone to like your Facebook page from your blog.
~ As of Thur at 10PM est I was done with liking, commenting, & such.
~I’m confidant that this exercise will provide me the extra LIKES I need to view my insights which is talked about later in this homework.

 Part C – Blog post share on Facebook

7. Go to your own blog and share your new post on your Facebook fan page once you published it. ~ My WordPress automatically pushes to my FBPage.

8. Identify 2 best days of the week/times when to share your blog. ~ I’ll need more LIKES before I can do this section.

9. Once you identified the 2 best dates/times…  ~ I’ll need more LIKES before I can do this section.

…schedule 2 additional Facebook updates for those dates/times. Have them about 2 days apart, so you are sharing your post 3 times within a week.

You can use your preferred scheduling tool or Facebook’s scheduling feature. If you need help with scheduling your posts, see: http://youtu.be/bkXZjxq1XrQ

Part D (optional) Blog comments

10. Visit and post comments on other blogs in the list as you like. ~Done as inspired to.

This time we’re all in a single group so it’s a good opportunity for us to meet other people that we haven’t before.

11. Complete your homework by Saturday of the week, before 12 PM EST. ~If I get more likes I’ll finish.

12. Join the chat in the Facebook group… 

…Saturday @ 1-1.30 PM EST. Let’s discuss the challenges and issues and support each other! ~Probably going to miss it. 😦

2 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Awesome idea to keep track of your work, Tracie! I’m curious if this helped you to accomplish more of the homework? To get more Facebook likes, you can try joining Facebook parties on Fridays, there are many going around and I’ve met some great people and clients through those 😉

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