Busy week…

I’ve had a really busy week it seems.  I was behind at work because of various reasons, so I’ve been busting my butt to get that done.  My work from home days would get interrupted with things… hospital visit, vet visits, & a trip to the city building. 

Monday my son and I ate out. Chinese buffet.

I had to take my daughter to her senior pictures on Tuesday afternoon, then we ate out at KFC/Taco Bell – not a good choice.

Wednesday I took my Mom to dinner for her 59th birthday at another Chinese place. (Way better than the buffet.)

Yesterday I went out with my friend from work and a few other people I don’t know too well from work. It was fun we went to Margarita’s in Augusta. Avocado Jack Crisp every time. Yummy.

Finally tonight I get to hang out with my daughter and watch a movie & catch up. I’ve missed her all week.

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