Delia interviewed little ol’ ME!

I’m following Blog Formatting on Facebook and doing the Maximize Your Blog workshop with Delia. She asked me to do her blogger interview. Check it out.

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Blogger interview: Tracie Eastman

This weeks homework involves our FB fan pages. I still need more LIKES to get to use

all the features for my homework. So you see that Facebook badge up there in the right hand corner…

… Your other right…

Click LIKE please.

Thank you guys. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Delia interviewed little ol’ ME!

  1. So cool, Tracie!
    I did not realize you posted on your blog about the interview. Thanks so much for your participation – it was great to have you on my blog. Your interview generated many comments and it looks like many bloggers have felt like you one way or the other on their blogging journey.

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