The burning question is:

What does success look like to me?

image borrowed from internet – thanks google search/images.

I have yet to answer that question.
As I usually do every so often, I’m reassessing my online presence.  Some questions I’ve been asking myself the past few weeks.

  • What do I want my blog known for?
  • Should I limit my blog further?
  • How do I want it to look?

I’m taking a blogging workshop with two different bloggers, one ending next week and the other starting next week. I hope this will help me in my blogging and writing and social media.

I really want to revamp my blog design and have a more unique “made for me” theme, header, & style.  I just cannot afford such an upgrade since this is a hobby & not a money maker.  I have no delusions that I’ll make money at this.

Some blogs that I like the style of:

A lot of why I like their blogs is because they have a short ditty on their home page of their posts. Kind of like how mine is set up currently. I find this much more practical and prefer it. I hate to have to scroll through someone’s blog post about sewed a dress just to get to the one about organizing photos. I don’t sew, so most of those post will not be of interest to me.  I like to see the tittle, a few lines of the beginning and possibly a photo as well as either the category or tags.


What style do you like for reading blogs or publishing your blog? Do you change it up?

What does success look like to you?

14 thoughts on “Reassessing

  1. There are definitely WordPress themes that will give you that look. Expound, Suburbia and iTheme 2 will give you this, and they’re free. I change my blog layout every time the seasons change – you know, just to shake it up a little.

  2. For the work I do, I like to have my blog on it’s own page rather than the home page. That way when someone visits my page they get a front row seat of what I’m all about. And if they want to read more they can click the blog button. I prefer blogs and websites that are uncluttered and “to the point.”

  3. Tracie, you are seriously a huge boost to my ego…after a long day. Thanks, girlfriend. I only started truncating my posts when I migrated to self-hosted, but I’m very glad I did for the reason you mention – – I feel like it’s easier for readers to navigate and click on the posts that interest them. Also, it’s a paints a clearer picture of me and my blog by showing snippets of a variety of posts. Not just photo after photo from my DIY Wedding series, which is only a small piece of my blog. Good food for thought…. 😉

    1. Happy to. I’ve always had truncated post on my home page, all 3 of my blogs do. If I have to scroll too far I don’t and I figured others have the same issue. You are diverse enough to keep me coming back.

  4. I love that you are beginning with the end in mind – my favorite time management principle. What does success look like? Then, build a blog that fits that image! AWESOME!!!!

  5. I actually like this theme – its calm an nice. Since I am reading a lot of blogs its nice to come to a blog with this cafe latte color. So stick to this is my suggestion.

  6. I think the most important thing for a blog is that it represents its owner and what they are about. Its also important to keep reassessing your blog to make sure it’s attracting readers.

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