NaNoWriMo – planning

As a pantser in both blogging and the NaNoWriMo worlds I find it difficult to plan my writing. I mentioned it in my blogger interview with Delia. With NaNo I’ve tried every year since 2009 to write a novel. Even just a short story would be good. However every year I’m unsuccessful.  I would like to change that this year. I would like to successfully complete a story. Not just the 50K, but an ending, or something close to that.

In 1986 I was in the 6th grade in middle school (Junior High) and I wrote and finished a story.  Mind you it sucks ass looking back at it, but I finished it.  It was about a girl who dies & becomes something else. Very strange. Hand written in a notebook. I have yet to finish one since. In 1989/90 I started a new story on my parent’s new Tandy pc. I have saved most of it and have worked on it sporadically through out the years. I don’t tend to let people read it, it’s bad luck for me. However I did start a new story after I got married and had tons of time to hang around with a new baby. This one has come along fine, still no end in sight. But it spawned a prequel to it that was also going fairly well. I actually think that both of these have very good excerpts from them where I wrote magic.  Although there’s a lot of mess to get through to get to those magic parts.

So I know I have it in me to write something AWESOME. But it’s a matter of directing my story and not just floating around in it.  Got to move forward to get to an ending. Standing still is boring and no one wants to read about that. All of these ideas above could become something WONDERFUL if I managed to push through. One should have some idea of an ending when they start writing the story, yes? I never really do.  My last 3 NaNo stories haven’t had an ending, or a middle for that matter.  I get to caught up in my characters to move the story along.  All of my NaNo stories have a chance, but it’s getting through it & forcing a conclusion when I’m not sure what it is. Or where they’re going (the characters).

I recently was having some problems with my old user ID on the NaNo website. I found that I couldn’t change my UserID & opted to start a new one & have the old one removed.  Find me there as Mainer Chick if you want to add me as a writing buddy. 

So how does one plan for something they’ve never thought to plan for?  

I think many of us pantsers are in the same boat. Joe is.

10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – planning

  1. Tracie when I started to say I can, I do, I will rather than I cannot, I wish, etc, magic started to happen. Try it – it may sound fake at the beginning, but it’ll get easy in time 🙂
    Keep trying, keep believing and stay together with people who encourage you and bring the best out of you. Good luck!

    1. Its funny you say that. Once I started waking up to the day saying “today is a good day” my life turned around for the better. It wasn’t overnight, but the positive manifested, the negative slid away.

  2. Best of luck! When I’m trying to accomplish a huge goal – I find that setting a timer for 15 minutes each day to just get started keeps me moving forward. Plus, like Delia – I say I will . . . vs I will try . . . 🙂 I appreciate that you shared your goals and dreams with us!

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