A night out

On the 12th Main Street Gardiner put on an Octoberfest/Swine & Stine hosted by the local pubs & restaurants in town. It’s the fourth or fifth year they’ve had the event but my first year attending.

beer tent
The beer tent at Swine and Stine, Gardiner ME

I went with my brother and my sister-in-law. He thinks it will be good for me to get out and do things with people. “Got to get back out there, Trac.” I don’t necessarily think so, but I like to humor my brother sometimes. Plus I love hanging out with him & my sil so it’s a win win.  They bought my ticket which was $10 per a person which included (supplies limited) a 5 ounce glass w/ the logo for beer tasting. Cute little things, kind of useless after the fact, maybe juice glass.  Anyways, I got there about 3:30 PM or so and met up with them. They had been there with the kids most of the day, and took them home to be sat by Grandma K. Because I was late, I didn’t get a real glass. 

I tried a light beer, not really a fan. Then my bro suggested I try a cider.  LOVED it.  I’d rather have that than a beer. Glad he suggested it. They each had more beer, and since they were out of the cider I opted to try another light beer, didn’t care for that one either. 

looking west on main street

Our friend’s band was playing that night at the festivities and then later at Mike’s.  We wanted to see them play so it’s one reason we met up late. Another reason would probably be the typical “night life” going out process.  Which yielded very little as far as I was concerned. Although I did run in to several people I knew.  Although we were at The Depot at that point.

calypso soldiers

The Depot is a small place in Gardiner’s down town area. They’re known for their wings. I’ve heard nothing but praise about their wings. I did not try them that night, the wait was long enough to get a table, I can only imagine how long we would have to wait for wings. The atmosphere is great. Every one wants a place like the bar in Cheers. This would be close to it in Gardiner. I had the haddock basket, which was a HUGE slab of fish & some fries, which I shared with them. They had ordered nachos and some beers.

After that we figured it was way to busy to sit and talk and our table wasn’t the best. So they suggested the Feisty Goat in Richmond. Sure, it’s early, why not. So we drove down route 24 to Richmond. They were quite busy when we came in & there weren’t any tables available there either. However we only had to wait just a little while and the whole place cleared right out.  Partly due to George Hamm the comedian being upstairs.

the feisty goat

Over all I had a great night.  I love hanging out with my brother & his wife.  I wish I could do it more often, but I also love spending time with their kids so I’m okay sitting for them too.

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