Water challenge

I met with my wellness coach today, Corda. She usually asks us to pick something to work on for the next month. However we’ve come to find out that I do better if I don’t plan so we’ve thrown “planning” out.  However I said to her I really need to drink more water, I can feel the difference when I’m dehydrated. My eyes hurt & I get more headaches.  She suggested a water challenge and asked how much water I think I should be drinking a day.  I said 64 ounces.  She suggested starting today and I’m already at 30 ounces, but I’ll go full force on it tomorrow. 🙂

So It’s on. Join in with me and take the water challenge.  64 ounces or more of water a day for 30 days.  I’ll track my progress weekly with one post I’ll update daily each week.

It’s only a little over 3 of these…

or a little over 5 of these…

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