Writing in the Digital Age * e-course

I’m really liking this e-course from Rowdy Kittens Writing in the Digital Age by Tammy Strobel.  I haven’t posted in the Facebook group about it yet, but I have been reading and taking notes on it. Week one is done, which I started this week (week 2) because I was also finishing Maximize your Blog with Delia at Blog Formatting. I’m also taking notes on the 30 Day Happiness Challenge by Keri Knight.

Today’s post is only about what I’ve been taking away from Tammy’s e-course.  1.1 Foundation, asked “What events have caused you to rethink or re-frame your perspective?” Several things have done this for me over the years. Watching my parents divorce, being picked on at a new school, fighting depression and anxiety as a teenager (not knowing what it was then) and then my divorce, other relationships not working out and one that was abusive, the stigma of being perpetually single, my bankruptcy and loss of my house, and moving. My last moment was my last move, realizing that I have WAY too much stuff. I need to down size drastically.  My goal is to be able to move in to a 20 foot Tiny House.  With this goal in mind I’ve been trying to find a way to it. However I’m not sure how this plays in to my writing at this point.

1.2 Crafting & Flavor – As I’ve said for a while, I feel like when I write a post I’m writing to a friend. In a way as to convey my story to them. Also discussed in this was what type of writer & the tools you use… Well I’m basically a pantser. I don’t really have a plan, I don’t really work A to Z I kind of wing it. It’s a bit messy until I get done.

1.3 A Plan – Ha-ha-ha yeah I’m not a planner when it comes to writing.  This is a hard thing for me to learn and I’m going to try my hardest to learn it this month in prep for NaNoWriMo.

1.4 Your Voice & Audience – is similar to 1.2. My blog is geared towards people thinking of visiting or moving to Maine. Someone who is considering moving to Maine or just vacationing here. I don’t want to come across naive or hick when writing although I want to give an everyday realistic view of life in Maine. We don’t all live on the water or in the mountains. Work is scarce and very competitive.

1.5 Journaling – I’ve been a high advocate for journaling to get through things.  I’ve found it very helpful since I was a teenager after I moved. I’ve gone through many but I haven’t been consistent. I’m working on that as part of my writing plan also.

I’ll continue to think about these things as I go on to the next week.

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