November is coming

In less than a week I’ll be committing all of my extra time to working on my NaNoWriMo novel.  I’ve got all my gear ready for November. My writing journal that I throw ideas in, my NaNo pocket notebook for names, places, etc and this year’s story is being outlined in a small composition book. I’ve got my laptop, my ipod, and my black bear. And of course some new color pens and highlighters.

I’m working on an idea I came up with eons ago and never did anything with. I found it in my binder of stories (half started stories). Now I need to figure out how to get it from A to Z in 30 days. I’m already stressing, because I had intended to plan more.  I have a plot and a loose outline at least. I hope I can pull it out with just that. I was going to use characters I already had, but I’ve decided to make new ones for this. Here’s an idea I have for a cover of this story.

I have scheduled one post on my blog each week while I’m at the writing group.  Some of them are a bit out there and a little bit of a rant. But they are the typical rambling thoughts from me.  Entertainment more than anything.

2 thoughts on “November is coming

  1. Planning? What’s planning? Oh, right! It’s that thing I say I’m going to do every year, but somehow never do and still manage to eke across the finish line. Hee hee hee.

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