Blurred Lines – pro? con?

Blurring the Lines of Feminism: A Criticism of the Criticism of “Blurred Lines”.

This has been bugging me since I watched both Robin Thick’s video & the Law Revue Girls’ video. This blog post does exactly what I have been meaning to do… dissect and argue the lyrics.  It’s true that you cannot understand all of the words in Blurred Lines and many have been misconstrued. I would like to think that I’m liberated & empowered enough to make the first move or reciprocate someone’s advances if I liked them that way. I’ve been known to ask “So you going to kiss me yet?”

I don’t particularly care for either video because they’re kind of raunchy & inappropriate.  It could have been done in better taste. But it’s not like the girls or guys were forced in to being half-naked, they had a choice.

It seems the critics don’t like women who know what they want & are as comfortable with their sexuality and power as how people think of most men. (When we know men are just as insecure as women.) I’d also like to point out that women can rape men. (or in any combination there of.) It’s not a one way street. But it’s amazing how people jump directly to the rape culture because a guy is singing a song about a woman who is tempted to stray and get “nasty” with him. If a woman sang it, it’s a totally different feeling to the song, I heard it done by, Amy Allen and liked her version.

I like how KC the author of the blog post points out “Who made you the bedroom police?” What people do is their own business when they’re consenting adults in a sexual relationship.  Maybe you like a little swat on the ass when you’re getting freaky in bed. 😉

Have you read the lyrics to both & if so your thoughts?

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