DP: Writing Challenge: You never know…

Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters that Haunt You

On the edge of the lake she waits. Sitting in her car watching the sun go down across the water. The leaves almost gone from the trees now. Had they been there, it would have been picture perfect. I sight to be shared. Except for the fact she was waiting for her lover, not her spouse. How did she end up in this situation she wondered.  Valid question.  No one ever goes in to a commitment thinking they’re going to break their promise. Although, that promise was broken not by her, technically.  Avoidance and checking out wasn’t her doing. So searching for the attention she needed and not finding it was the catalyst to braking her promise. A two-way street. Justifiable. Somewhat. All things she told herself to make it easier. To not think about the heart she’s breaking. Even though hers was already broken.

A car pulls in next to her. She exits her car.  Carefully walking around it in her healed shoes and dress slacks.  The wind whips around her blowing some of the fallen leaves around her feet. She pulls her winter jacket closer to her to keep the draft from blowing up her body. Her hair is already a mess, keeping that under control is a joke, she should have worn it up. She opens the passenger side door of the Nissan, a much nicer ride than her old Toyota. Her lover brushes her red hair away from her face as she is kissed. How she has missed the soft caress and sweet kisses. She knows her situation is far from ideal and never fathomed being in it.  She smiles slightly at her lover.  Time is fleeting so she wants to make the most out of her visit.

“How I’ve missed you.” she whispers softly. “I have so much to tell you.”

“Please, go on. I’m here for you.”

She tells her lover about the past couple weeks of drama and turmoil.

*The new NaNo novel. Thanks to The Daily Post. Guess I need to get busy and write like crazy.

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