My eclectic… junk

This is inspired by Madame Weebles’s post These are a few of my favorite things…, I figured I’d share some of my favorite things.

I got in to collecting milk glass because of my mother, she has only a couple of pieces though.

my collection of milk glass
my collection of milk glass

I have this small obsession with office/school supplies, notebooks, journals, pens, and such.


Another favorite thing is Tigger. I have several of them, most are key chains, I also have a coloring book, a hopping stuffy, a the Tigger movie, and a clay creation my ex-boyfriend made me.

What’s your eclectic collections/obsession?

5 thoughts on “My eclectic… junk

  1. office supplies, hands down. especially highlighters and sticky notes…ohhh the sticky notes! after that (altho some may argue) is books. it was like giving away a child when i donated a bag of them to the local library last summer.

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