Why I can’t own a waterfront home

Oct 21 ~ Rant

As much as I desire to own an oceanfront or lake front property I know I’ll never be able to.  Why you may ask?


My family is not wealthy. We don’t have old money. We barely have new money. I come from a long line of laborers. I’m a third generation State of Maine employee, unintentionally. We live well within our means, most of us owning modest homes or renting.  Both sides of my family (my grandparents) had to sell of several acres of land just to get through.  The work started to drop off, mills closed, they aged, and funds are needed.  It makes me sad, as I was old enough to know that the 5 grandchildren were suppose to get lakeside lots.

Anyways… I think part of the problem with Mainers actually owning property in Maine is that we have out-of-state people who are much more wealthy buying up property and basically driving up the tax rates due to the new extra-large homes they build. Case in point.

I’m thinking that maybe if just two of these billionaires invested in the Maine & it’s people we’d be a bit better off.  Invest in the people who work or could work for them. Support higher education. I don’t mean like a handout. Maine is open for business, so I hear… build a business, relocate a business, open another office. There are some Mainers who would prefer to be working rather than not, and we’re not that picky about what we do.  We just want the chance to provide for our families in the state we live in without having to uproot and move. Loosing our support system and friends.

I don’t pretend to be well versed in the ways of the “world” or well-educated.  I am just a simple girl from Maine. Just because I like simple doesn’t make me a simpleton. People over complicate things and find us foolish for keeping things simple.  Simple is less drama, fewer headaches, less lies, & less confusion.  There’s really no reason except for your own ego benefit to build large houses. It is basically a show as to who has the biggest dick.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you use it the right way. I don’t care you can build a bigger house than your neighbor, what else can you do with that big checkbook of yours besides that?

3 thoughts on “Why I can’t own a waterfront home

  1. I agree, these men and those like them, should contribute to the productivity and sustainability of our state rather than building homes that will have never-used rooms. Living up the coast on an island, some of our neighbors are wealthy and the prop tax has gone up to the point families have moved away, even if it’s just across the bridge. In this case, case does matter and its hurting our communities.

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