90210 (new) – review

As a child of the 90s (80s too) you remember Beverly Hills, 90210. They remade it in 2008 for the next generation, simply 90210. We can only be thankful that the new Melrose Place didn’t get far. This new series of 90210 follows Erin Silver around her high school career and beyond. She was merely a young kid when the old series ended (or should have been).  Some old faces are back, Erin’s sister Kelly Taylor one of the original characters. As well as Brenda Walsh and Nat at the Peach Pit both for a split second.  Other than that no old crew is back.

Going forward it’s the typical teen crap going on. Friends back biting each other and being wicked. Growing up with an eclectic group of friends, I don’t think people are that devious. TV gives the impression that teenagers are typically on their own with no parental guidance or supervision.  (Several books give that impression too.) The impression also is given that no one in Hollywood cards anyone, with 20-year-old kids drinking all the time.

Jump the shark point: Some say it’s when Erin went crazy. They graduated from high school. (They should have aged them 10 years like on OTH.) Or Dixion’s car accident.

Product placement: Dr. Pepper, Kay Jewelers & Surface from Windows in season 5. And even books.  Recording artists are fairly normal. Read about product placement in season 5 in this blog: The random thoughts of a writer.

Special notes: Season 5 there’s always a full moon. Continuity and basic writer ineptitude for not knowing the characters or locations quirks. That season was also very rushed.  I think they could have pushed it out another half season or so.

Over all it ended at a good point, unlike the original that dragged on for 10 seasons.  Too many people holding on to high school memories & behaviors. Move on people.  The odds of you staying friends with almost all of your high school group isn’t great. One or two maybe.  I think Mark’s arrival and departure from the show in the last season was a wake up call for everyone to grow the fuck up.  Shows like this can really only last for 3 good seasons then it’s a little obsolete unless you follow ONE or TWO of them to college & beyond.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the new 90210. I loved the actors and actresses and their characters and story lines.  I think they did a great job. The writers though… realistically what 20-year-old has this shit happen to them or for them?  Most 20 somethings are floundering if they’re not in college, at least for a year or so.  No one has $250k to throw around to open a label or surf shop especially at 20.  Most parent’s don’t just vanish when the kids become seniors in high school or graduate.

It works as a good catalyst to discuss with your children reality vs fictitious TV drama, drugs, sexual health, education, love vs lust, and real world working.

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