It’s going…

I’ve been a bit off kilter since we started our 2nd year in ME FIRST. Basically because of some changes with the scheduling and such.  Facilitation and Nutrition are now crammed in to one session. Usually they’re 8:30 to 11 but every fourth one is only 8:30 to 10.  It’s confusing. Plus it doesn’t feel like it gives dedicated time to either.  I always feel rushed.  I mentioned this to my wellness coach.  Wellness is going good, as I’ve been on top of that for a while.  It’s the gym/fitness that’s hard for me. My gym class is kicking my ass.

I’ll persevere through it.

I’ve been wanting other authors to contribute, I ask, but they’ve been a bit busy.

Going to go back to my meal planning. I’ll keep you posted.

Say What?

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