Reuse old greeting cards

So what do you do with that stack of greeting cards you get for the holidays?  Do you save it? Do you just toss them in the trash or recycle them?

When I was a kid my grandmother use to have us make ornaments with old canning rings and old cards.  We’d take the old rubber canning ring and trace the inner circle on to a card with a pencil.  Then we’d either use the pinking sheers or a regular scissor to cut out the circle a bit bigger than the line we traced.  We’d glue the card to the ring with the little tab up and put a string through it to hang.  Then at Christmas time my grandmother would pull out these crafts we did during the year to decorate the tree.

Some other things to do with any greeting cards:

  • Ornaments – cut pictures out of the card & coat with a sealant for durability.
  • Gift tags – cut the shape you want, add embellishments & punch a hole in it for a ribbon or tie.
  • Make boxes. They’re cute for kids to use to keep things in and to use as gift boxes for tiny stuff.
  • Art journal or Junk-it journal/albums – punch a couple of holes and use binder rings to link them together. Embellish with other ephemera.  You don’t need to pay almost $40 for a kit when you can do it yourself.
  • Use them for future December Daily’s or Reverb.
  • Make bookmarks.
  • Scrapbooking – die cut or punch shapes for use.
  • Postcards – split the card and use the blank back of the front of the card. Trim down as needed. (postage varies depending on size.)
  • Place mats or coasters – cut to desire sized then sandwich between clear contact paper.
  • Recipe cards
  • Donate them to one of several worthy causes.

Share with me a memory of either reusing holiday cards or of you & your family being crafty to make things for the holiday.

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