I’ve been a fan of Glee from the get go.  Not a secret. Usually I don’t have much to say about it, however….

WHAT THE HELL were they thinking with Season 5 Episode 7?  Jump the shark?

First was Kurt’s daydream of the band singing at Call Backs. Lame! It wouldn’t have been so odd if they had shown Santana & Rachel’s dream of their premiere show.

Then Blaine has a hissy fit over people not liking that he’s being controlling. Diva moment or what?  His daydream…. even lamer than Kurt’s.  PUPPETS?  WTH?

Were the writers short on ideas or did they all take drugs that day?  Oh wait the gas leak in the school.  Great excuse.

And to end it… What does the Fox Say? What?


Glee: Following high school show choir through their trials and tribulations of being outcasts at school, except not all of them are. Most are too beautiful to be anything but… beautiful people.  And yes even beautiful people can be bullied or picked on.  The series has yet to end so I’ll do a final review at that point.

Say What?

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