Shopping sucks

As you know I’ve been struggling with things for quite a while.  I had been doing really well at getting healthy before I started the “program”. I dropped a pants size, I felt better, & I didn’t over think it. However now… I’m up in not just my weight, my pants size, but also with my health screening numbers (not in a good way).  I’m bumming out because of this.

Today was the last straw.  I thought my pants were fitting better. I’ve been faithfully going to the gym and only missed one session because I was home sick with a huge headache.  However none of my dress pants fit me… still.  So I had to go shopping for new pants.  Yeah that was NOT fun. First stop K-mart.  Everything there that was my size looked like something my grandmother wore in the 80s that was from the 60s.  I go over to JCP and find a pair for $25 that might work. I don’t have time to try them on so I buy them and run down the mall to see what other stores there are still there.  Crapy stores. From there I go over to Goodwill and find only a handful of pants in my size to start with and less than half are dressy.  Those were old and junky.  Then I go to Kohls… still nothing.  That’s when I figured I’d stop shopping and drove home crying.

I wasn’t this discouraged when I wrote about My Bra Fight.

I’m frustrated.  I’m discouraged.

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