SMASH* books

Hay there again. I know… two posts in a week. I guess I’m climbing back up on the horse.  

What’s on today’s agenda?  SMASH* booking.  What is that?  It’s more of a traditional sense of scrapbooking than today’s.  Victorian scrapbooking was books filled with letters, poems, recipes, cards, clippings from newsprint, fliers, catalogs, and other odds and ends.  With photography our scrapbooks took on a new direction. I remember looking at my grandparent’s photo books which had mostly photos but occasionally post cards. It has morphed in to what people think of today as the traditional scrapbooking.  If I had any of my scrapbooks unpacked I’d have shown pictures of those too.  Usually 12×12 pages in a protective sleeve with decorative embellishments and photographs or some variation of. Usually archival safe items if they touch the photos.  I love to scrapbook I just dislike the time it takes and how particular I get about it.  SMASH* books are quick & easy to do. There’s no rules. Everything goes.  Less stress. No fuss.

Here are photos from my SMASH* book Eco (lt green) and also some from my homemade smash/art journal. (Followed a tutorial from Lil’ Blue Boo.)

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Apparently SMASH* books are going to be going through some changes, several craft stores have clearance them and off price stores are caring them. I’ve currently picked up several to add to my collection. I’m finishing up my Eco book and starting the 365 one for 2014.  (Although I had thought about using the Simple book (orange). In my collection I’ve added Tasty, Retro, International, Pretty, & Holiday. Each will get their own turn, eventually. While I wait for the new line to come out.

4 thoughts on “SMASH* books

  1. I love scrap booking but I hadn’t heard of Smash Booking. Pretty cool. My scrapbooks, when I have time, are filled with everything related to the theme..if travel there are ticket stubs, notes, pictures, post cards, receipts…anything I just can’t bear to throw away and of course the pages have to be decorated LOL

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