Chhhha… Changes… or not

Changes….? We don’t really like them usually. However in my quest to find my “voice” when I blog I’ve been through a lot of them as well as my blogs too. I currently own 4 blogs, however I only write on two regularly (once a week). I’m considering on consolidating my blogs to one. However I’m having a hard time committing to this “plan”. Here are two of the other blogs: A ME FIRST odyssey (I have asked for guest & contributing authors but only one has posted.) & Mainer Chick’s Art Journal (it started with a journaling project from Lil Blue Boo and developed in to more.)

Currently I have 16 categories (7 primary & the rest are subcategories). If or when I consolidate I’m trying to figure out what categories to keep/consolidate. I’m wondering what you folks like to read. (This idea I totally stole from another blogger.)

If I merge at least the Art Journal blog in to this one I’d have 6 categories. If I merge the ME FIRST one also it would add another primary category (up to 7 now) with 6 sub categories and 3 sub-sub categories.  I’ve been looking at other people’s blogs and categories (when they put them out) to see how many is too many or how few is too few.  What do you think, how many primary categories should a blog have?  At what point does it become too overwhelming? Sub categories are those that fall under the primary ones but give a bit more clarification for searching.  Such as the primary category is WRITING it would then have 4 sub categories; Blog, Journal, Novel, & Poetry. So combined they make 5.

I’m open to honest constructive suggestions as well if you’d like to leave one in the comments below.

I’d like to get or design a spiffy new theme/layout for my blog.  At some point I hope to do the CSS class online I had signed up for.  I don’t have much money so finding a way to get a new layout without having to spend much is key.  Which is another reason I haven’t switched to a self hosted site yet.

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