Elements of Wellness

Recently my wellness coach gave me this handout (see pic).  She also had all of the little icons enlarged and cut in to badges. They’re color coded, from the top down – Red, Green, Orange, Brown, Purple, Blue, & Yellow.  You get a badge for each item you’ve worked on in the last month.  Well I kind of work on all of them, does that count?

I ended up with the first three.  Red = Emotional = I’m very in touch with my emotions and I’m always saying to my kids they have the right to feel however they feel. It’s theirs. Green = Environmental = I’ve been trying to recycle more as well as eliminating excess stuff out of my house.  I’ve gathered all of my scrap-booking stuff up and I’m in the process of photographing my excess items to put them up for sale. Orange = Intellectual = I’ve been trying to approach things with a fresh mind. Thinking outside the box with things. Learning new things. I’m trying to be more creative and plan more outings for this year.

elements of wellness

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