Results so far

So far the three votes I’ve received to my query has been wanting to read more about Maine and/or my life in Maine.  If you haven’t taken my polls yet please do so.

For those who have voted you’ll be glad to know that about once a week starting in May you’ll get a post about something/someplace I visited in Maine the week prior.  The plan is that every Monday afternoon my kidos and I will be out adventuring.  We’ve got a few places already on the list to hit up, state parks, hikes, ocean side, & maybe even some kayaking. Along with these outings I’m sure we’ll be having some meals out and about. I hope to try out some places I haven’t been & hit some old favorites up too.

Between now and May… well I guess I need to find something to write about. My life isn’t that exciting, going to work & home again daily. Wednesday evening writing group when I usually squeak out a post for here and one for another blog. I’m still on the quest of finding the right # of categories & such for here.  I had high hopes at the start of this blog but got lost somewhere along the way. That’s my goal for the next few months, to resolve this before I start the adventuring posts. 🙂

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