Enlisted on Fox

Five episodes in to the series I can tell that this show isn’t going to make the cut. Why? Because I LOVE it! It’s funny as heck while also giving you heart. I seriously was LOLing and my cats were a bit worried at times. More so because I’m sure the range of emotion from me tonight was a bit like I needed some good meds for a disorder, as I was crying one episode earlier.

Source: NY POST

I’ve only seen Geoff Stults in The Finder with Michael Clarke Duncan (rip) reprising his role from Bones as Walter Sherman, who finds things/people/etc. I actually didn’t like him in that role for a series but I did like the minor character he started with on Bones. However in Enlisted as Sgt. Pete Hill I think he’s good, just the right amount of anguished soldier, cocky jock, and sensitive big brother. He’s also not bad to look at, especially when he takes off his shirt. If you want to know why he’s back from the middle east, check out the pilot episode.

Geoff Stults
Source: TV GUIDE

Although I’m more of a fan of Chris Lowell who I loved in Veronica Mars as Piz. Besides Veronica he was my favorite character. I was pleased as punch to see him (shirtless) on Private Practice (Grey’s Anatomy) as Dell. I’m super excited for the Veronica Mars movie, not just for Chris but it’s a bonus. (I can ogle, he’s only 11 years younger than me.) Anyways, I like his role as middle child Cpl. Derrick Hill on Enlisted. Why he’s in the Army, I don’t know. He doesn’t seem very happy being in it but he’s there. Maybe a feeling of duty or loyalty, we’ll see I hope. He’s the typical middle child, he “stirs the pot” several times and just seems to love to spread hate and discontent. Don’t get me wrong he does have his soft side. He is happy to have his big brother back, so he can go back to being his bratty normal self.

Chris Lowell
source: TV GUIDE

The third brother, Pvt. Randy Hill played by Parker Young who was in Suburgatory as Ryan Shay. A role that isn’t far from this one. Both characters are a bit slow (who am I kidding… dumb) you’d expect him to be a blond. (Oh yeah I just said it.) I haven’t seen him in anything else so I can’t comment on how diverse he is as an actor. Although he is cute to look at. Only mildly creepy on my part as he’s 15 years younger than I am. I think he played both Randy & Ryan well. He’s the brother in Enlisted that the other two need to look out for, more because he’s the trusting, loving, and caring one who puts his heart out there and may get it broken.

Parker Young
Source: TV GUIDE

Separately these three guys are nice to watch, together they’re very entertaining. I do hope Fox and viewers keeps this show around for a while. I don’t recall another new show I’ve enjoyed this much.  The supporting cast is also funny and endearing after you get past their quirks.

On a side note, my daughter and I were discussing *M*A*S*H* as we have all 11 seasons on DVD and we’ve watched them all.  I thought that since she liked that series she might like to check out China Beach. It’s similar. She asked why there wasn’t another show like *M*A*S*H* on TV right now. I gave her my opinion on that… When *M*A*S*H* (1972-83) a war about Korea (1950-53), was on we were still in Vietnam (1959-75). When China Beach (1988-91) was on about the Vietnam war (1959-75) we were in Desert Storm/Persian Gulf (1990-91).  They’ve tried to do another similar tv show with Combat Hospital (2011) however I’m thinking that NO one wants to watch a tv show having to do with a war that is still so fresh. We’re still in the middle east and a show about doctors in Afghanistan now, is just too close to home. She agreed with me. No one who has family over there now wants to watch a show about such things. Maybe down the road in a few years.

As I was writing the above paragraph I was thinking about some other shows that were on that had to do with war. There was Hogan’s Heroes that my mother liked to watch in reruns about, a WWII prisoner of war camp. It made the Nazis look foolish and dumb. Tour of Duty was on around the same time as China Beach, but I couldn’t get in to it. I’m sure there has been plenty of other shows on over the years past, we’ve probably had at least a movie if not more about all the wars/police action/etc.

However as for Enlisted I hope it can stand the test. I hope they at least make it through a season (12 episodes) of the series.  Unfortunately I don’t have high hopes. They did after all cancel Vanished,  John Doe (Dominic Purcell need I say more?), & Past Life (Nic Bishop) and were all shows I did enjoy but didn’t last long. Fox is not quite as bad as another network though when it comes to hooking you and dropping you. I’ll continue to watch the guys, laugh & cry with them and hope for a easy let down at the end of the season.

*appreciation goes to IMDB, Fox, NY Post & TV GUIDE (photos & info)

3 thoughts on “Enlisted on Fox

  1. Wow Not only have I not seen this show but I hadn’t even heard of it until now. I liked The Finder and the Bones tie in. I will have to see when this is on in my area and check it out. I’ve been complaining that there isn’t much to watch on TV these days except reality shows that mostly stink. (and those are re-runs) Thanks for the tip!

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