I don’t need a hero

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. IT IS HERE. I hear many radio ads for flowers, chocolates, and dating sites.  Mentioning Prince Charming, Juliette & Romeo, or a Knight in shining armor.


I don’t need a hero.

I’m not a damsel in distress, a helpless girl in need of rescue. I’m capable of being my own hero, solving my own problems, and doing for myself.  I’m a single 40-year-old woman who’s looking for a friend, a partner, a companion. If that person happens to be heroic also… BONUS.

Dating in Maine at my age is a bit difficult. I’ve looked in to using Meet Me & POF but I’m not really a fan. I seem to find the following: 1) one nighters/commitment phobic, 2) jump in w/ both feet & move in together now. 3) let’s be friends… who fuck, 4) batshit crazy, 5) cheaters.

I don’t even bother to look at this point.  If it happens, it does, if not I’ll keep on keeping on.  I’ve never been one to put up with other people’s shit but I’m also not one to just dismiss things quickly.  I can thank my Libra parent for that.

So all of you coupled people enjoying a nice Valentine’s day, kudos to you for finding someone you can put up with, and maybe even enjoy. And to the rest of you single people out there who are okay being single, kudos to you for not settling just because society is obsessed with couples. But who ever you are I hope you have a save and pleasant day today full of love.


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