My Affordable Care Act

Wow I’m glad I don’t have to shop for insurance. I just have to pay the feds taxes this year.

Fish Of Gold

I’m not sure if you heard, but they passed a thing in the United States that’s supposed to provide all citizens with the opportunity to get health care. Sounds like a great deal, right? Who doesn’t want health insurance? No one! Well, let’s see how this works, shall we?

Even though I was a proponent of the concept, when it came to executing this plan of affordable health care for myself, I procrastinated. I procrastinated because I’m a procrastinator, but also because I didn’t want the bubble burst. I wanted to hold onto the dream of affordable health care for a little while longer, because I had a feeling that it would disappear as soon as I started the process of signing up, like that dream you have where baby kitties are feeding you chocolate on a fluffy cloud disappears as soon as your alarm clock goes off. That sounds…

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One thought on “My Affordable Care Act

  1. I agree..affordable heath care would be a nice dream. I have friends from the UK…they have government health care. Canada has it too. My primary care doctor came from another country that also has government run health care..she’s not a fan. Luckily I still have my health insurance through my employer. I’ll know about the taxes on Monday. Fingers crossed 🙂

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