I’m not finished with the series Dexter.  However I’m submitting my review now so as not to get too tied up with the ending issues I tend to focus on.  The series has 8 Seasons with 12 episodes per a season originally on Showtime network.  (Read the synopsis at the IMDB link.)

At first I couldn’t get in to the series. I had started it once already and stopped.  I guess you have to be in the right mood for murder.  Anyways it was worth trudging through the first 5 episodes of season 1.  This is a series about just that, murder. It has excessive swearing, nudity, and death.  If you’re not in to dark, raunchy, dramas this may not be the right series for you.  However at some point you come to like Dexter and worry for him at every close call.  He has many more in later seasons.  It’s very stressful.

Once you get by season one (which you cannot skip) it is much more interesting.  Plot arcs that run the whole season not just an episode, add a to the series. The characters are coming together and becoming more real. (Note on that later.)  My second favorite character, his sister Deb is a fowl mouthed woman totally committed to her cop ways.  That may change as she finds not everything is black and white.  Even though she’s a potty mouth I love her character.  She doesn’t bull shit and just tells it like it is. Guest stars in later seasons for the majority of the season; Colin Hanks, Julia Stiles, Jonny Lee Miller, and John Lithgow are just a few.  The guest stars make these arcs more appealing than just having a serial killer killing random people.  Knowing that not everything lasts forever you expect Dexter’s secret to come out. It does, several times… Watch and see.

I’ve heard rumors there’s a spin off in talks. That they’re waiting for some decent script/plan to see if it’s worth it.  If Michael C. Hall is in it, I’d be all about it.  Even though I haven’t finished the series I’m very much enjoying it.  I hope I will not be disappointed with the series finally, however the little blurbs I catch while scanning through the webs, isn’t promising. I’ll keep going though.

If you didn’t know, this series is based on a book by Jeff Lindsay (Jeffry P. Freundlich) Darkly Dreaming Dexter.  I have read the reviews for the book, not promising. They say the characters are flat and stupid. (literally, not smart) However I plan on reading at least the first book and possibly others. I don’t tend to pay much mind to what others say and try to form my own opinion about things.

Sometimes I’m glad to watch a series after the hype has died a little. (no pun intended.) Because when I start a series that is new on network TV I tend to jinx it and they end up dropping the show.  It’s very disappointing. However watching a series like Dexter after the fact is great. I can go on a binge and be happy or I can dose it out one episode at a time if need be.  Check Dexter out on NetFlix or where ever you can find it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

*I reserve the right to edit this post after I end the series. (Good or Bad)

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