It is March!!

Woo Hoo!  In Maine the winter tends to DRAG by. It can be hard to cope with.  Cold weather makes it difficult for some to get out and be active. Especially if they don’t ski or such.  I have no winter activities outside.  It’s a time for me to catch up on those projects I don’t do during the rest of the year.  Cleaning out boxes, working on projects, and catching up on some shows.

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Winter in Maine can/is beautiful at times.  But it can also be daunting. Snow storms multiple times a week. Some dropping over a foot of snow and/or mixed precipitation. Occasionally we get the fluffy easy to shovel snow, but it blows all over the place, so it’s pointless to shovel.  Or we get the cement snow that’s mixed with rain/ice that even just a few inches is like moving cement with your shovel.  I don’t know what I hate more… snow or cold.  I think I could handle the cold without the snow.

I’m excited for Spring March 20th to arrive. I know it’s just the start of a new issue; mud and black flies, but I’d opt for that over snow.

3 thoughts on “It is March!!

  1. Love the pictures 🙂 I was thinking about a vacation in Maine but I want to avoid the black flies. Grew up with them in the Adirondacks. They are terrible! So they are a spring nuisance?

    1. Yes they are. Nothing a bit of bug spray won’t cure. Then it’s mosquitoes or ticks. Don’t let the bugs deter you from coming up. May & June are good for the flowers & blooming trees. And I have to say July and August are nice for summer. As well as September and most of October if you want more of a fall experience. If you’re prepared it’s not as much of a pain.

      1. Oh Yes we had all those little buggies where I grew up. Where I am now it’s mostly mosquitos. I’ve been to Acadia and also Portland and bugs weren’t much of a problem there but I was thinking of Rangeley Lake and I expect there would be lots of bugs there.

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