Okay, I’m done.  Done with winter. Done with snow. Ya want to know how it is here in Maine this week… ?  We had about 2 inches early this week and now we’re going to be getting more today & Thursday.

Here’s the maps from the local news stations as of about 9 A.M. this morning as to how it’s going to look.  I hear that we could get up to 20 inches in some areas further north.  I’m not sure if I’m glad we’re in the band of mixed precipitation or not.

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As of noon we’ve had snow and now a rainy mix. Around 1:30 we’re back to snow, this time big puffy flakes. Wonder what it’ll be when I leave work.

We canceled writing group for tonight.  Schools have been released early, activities after have been canceled/postponed.

Fortunately for me I have the opportunity to work from home, which is what I’m doing tomorrow.  (Normal for a Thursday.) However I’m not sure if school will be in session tomorrow, so I may have to take my daughter to her father’s to catch the bus.  But that’s okay, since I can stop at Cumbies for coffee and brighten my day with their humor.

8 thoughts on “ENOUGH!!

  1. Missed so many of your posts. Just too busy writing. I know that your guys had it bad this winter in Maine. Hope that spring will be nicer and that you’ll get a gorgeous summer. I will be up there in July and part of August.

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