123rd Chizzle Wizzle

A Cony tradition.

My friend’s daughter was in it again this year. She’s a very talented young lady. She’s been dancing since she was 3, she’s been in plays, and has recently sung at Carnegie Hall in NYC. I was going to upload several photos but have chosen a select few to highlight the show and this talented girl I’ve grown to admire.  My friend and I are lucky to have such awesome children.

IMG_1264This show’s theme is heros. “Chizzel Wizzle Saves the Day”.

They honored our veterans at the show by asking them to stand to be recognized.

IMG_1287I got misty eyed when these three sang their song.

Several kids were clad in uniforms to honor those who protect and serve us.

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These skits were entertaining as well.

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Sail Medley – Jaz had to learn on the fly because she’s been overwhelmed with Carnage Hall as well as being a bit under the weather. She pulled it off beautifully.

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They based this section of the show (2nd section the night I went) on Harry Potter/Hogwarts. It was quite interesting. I get a kick out of how they still base it on the old school variety skits & jokes. Each of the 6 Ends and the 2 alternates have their own time with Bruce Cooper (Hagrid).

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