Bruce has arrived

We’re welcoming Bruce a 5 month old kitten to our home. We weren’t looking for a kitten, but things just happened to show up this way.

He’s very talkative, a little too much. He’s the longest cat I’ve ever had. I worry he’s going to turn out to be a beast of a cat when he’s done growing. 

Our current cat hasn’t warmed up to him yet,  but it’s only been a day. Some pictures of the new babes.




3 thoughts on “Bruce has arrived

  1. Oh you are in for a fun time 🙂 When my Rocky was about 7 months old I wasn’t sure if either of us would survive…he bounced off walls. Of course now he’s 13 and my love bug and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Have fun with your handsome baby. I love black cats

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