Catching up

Hay there old friends & new.  I’m sorry I have seemed to take an unexpected vacation from blogging. On all of my blogs.  I don’t know why.  I guess I needed a little down time to recoup my writing hand before just throwing up slop. You don’t like slop. At least I hope not. Okay.  Last time I checked in I mentioned Bruce our new kitten (teenager) who had arrived recently.  Well it’s been several weeks and he’s fitting in fairly well.  However he is still a talker.  Which has been causing me some issues with my sleep.  My son’s GF gave us a laser pointer to enrich his life… yeah that’s been interesting. Bruce and Toby have come to an understanding, not sure what, but they’re getting along. Recently I had a ME 1st meeting that struck me.  We were given a wellness wheel. (see picture)  I had commented to someone how lopsided mine was in the “Social” area as well as needing to get more physically fit.  (I said something about missing a bite out of those two areas or something of the sort.)  Now don’t get me wrong all areas are always in need of a little improvement as we get neglectful of things.  However these were the two currently I would need to focus on in my opinion.  (Homework.)  No sooner than I put it out there in to the world than I’m out meeting new people. 😉 Social.  (About time.)  How this came about is because of a game on my phone called Ingress by Google. It is a real life / virtual world game.  Points of interest across the world are turned in to virtual portals. You go to these portals (points of interest) in real life and with your phone you play your game.  Lots of walking. Physical. (although physical in the wheel is more than fitness.) And one of my goals for this year was to live of the MORE side of my list. I hit a few icky weeks recently with my food, but not as bad as I could have been in the past.  Actually Easter was easy for me. For Easter we took my daughter’s BF to our family gathering.  It was smaller than usual as some of us have moved an others declined. Good news is I’m back on track. I tried to write a review of CSI: Miami for this blog but I’m not done watching it.  And I’ve also been trying to write a post about goals (SMART) and how much I dislike them. Both have been sitting in my draft folder for a couple of weeks. I hope going forward I will have lots of stuff to share with you. More getting out. More social things. More Maine things.

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