Getting back to the gym

I’ve taken a bit of time off from the gym. Had a little anxiety with it. Not exactly 100% sure but I have a good idea.  Whatever the case, I think that I talked my coworker in to going with me.  Her sister is already going, but already has a gym buddy. So starting next week it looks like I’ll be hitting the gym with Gela after work from about 4 to 5 PM to do some weights.

Got inspired again.  My sister-in-law is doing the C25K plan and I really want to start it again, but you know me & running. It’s not going to stop me from doing the Color Me Rad run in August. (even if I walk it) I need this shirt (see picture). I think it’d be funny.  🙂


My boss is doing the get fit with the Y – she’s a coach for it. It sounds like they’re having fun and trying new things. Which is inspiring also.

I found a game on my phone that requires quite a bit of walking. Which is good.  Been meeting new people too.

I cannot wait for warmer weather to get here so I can take the kayak out on the water this year. I want to do both ends of  Maranacook Lake, the north end of Cobbossee & Little Cobbossee, Cobbossee Stream near my boss’s place, and possibly part of the Eastern River in Dresden. (I’m sure there’s other places I’d add to the list if I thought more about it.)

I also want to get my bike fixed up.  It needs a lot of work.  Plus I need a new helmet.  It’d be nice to be able to take the bike down the Rail Trail. I doubt I can do the whole thing, but maybe by the end of the fall I can do half of it. (or more)

Another thing I want to do is to “hike” some small hills/mountains that are local (short drives), such as Mt. Pisgah in Winthrop again, Mt. Apatite in Auburn, &  Bradbury Mountain in Pownal.  As well as various outings to the coast, light houses, forts, & parks.

Not enough time to do everything.

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