state house

On the 25th I was playing Ingress at the capitol and found the setting sun behind the state house too good to pass up. Hanging out with friends, other players.


On Friday the 2nd I took a friend on a little tour of Vaughan woods (Hobbit Land) as they are new to the area. It will be much nicer once the trees are all full and it’s not overcast and sprinkling.  Walk the loop through the field next time.


Spend the whole day inside on the 3rd because of a scrap-booking crop at the Lion’s in Manchester.  It went well, good people, good cause, and friends from work.  Although it’d have been nice to be out in the sun.


 Took a walk on Sunday the 5th between rain showers.  This is the view coming down the hill from the corner store looking out towards Lewston and the churches. Corner of Dunn & Sixth in New Auburn


Panoramic view from the top of Mount Hope cemetery on Wednesday the 7th while out playing Ingress. The following are individual views from the little steps you see above.


 Looking at the Memorial Bridge and the old Hospital (middle).


 Looking towards the State House (to the right).


Looking towards the Eastside State campus (old AMHI complex) across the river.


Sitting outside the office waiting for another Ingress player to get gear from.  Beautiful blue sky behind the State House which is getting new copper dome.

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