5 things I learned from Ingress Gettysburg Anomaly

Quick and dirty of it.
  1. TEAMWORK!!!
  2. Stick to the PLAN!
  3. It’s not all about you.
  4. Keep fighting for it.
  5. Toads are people too.

Okay, there may be a bit of overlap in some of these areas but let me explain further.

Teamwork – We as the Resistance (blue/smurfs) are all on the same team. The goal is still the same, keep blue portals blue and take green ones.  And all the other jazz that goes along with the story line (videos). So fighting between ourselves is never a good idea. Teamwork in smaller groups, areas, or such is also key. As a sub section of this I’m going to include: Leader – Someone has to be the leader. Not everyone can be a leader all the time. Take turns.

Plan – Create a plan. It can be a team plan or it can be a plan that someone comes up with and pulls people on board for a little bit of their dream shenanigans. (Stan Davis or other plans) Once a plan is made, stick to the plan.  Do NOT go rogue on your team. If you’re assigned a portal and a task, stick to that plan.  Don’t be messing around with something else that has nothing to do with the plan. If the plan has a start time, stick to it.  Don’t waste your amo, reso, or mods for something that isn’t necessary.

It is NOT all about YOU. Enough said.

Keep fighting for it. – So you think you know what a battle over a portal is like…. Are you sure?  Fight for it. Keep fighting for it. You deserve it as much as the slimy Toad does. You don’t have to roll over for Toads.

Toads are people too – Really. Don’t be harassing or cruel or mean. Don’t threaten. You wouldn’t want them to do that to you.  Good natured teasing is different. Meet & greet kindly. Shake a hand. Say good game.



*Next up… my recap of my adventure. 🙂



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