Moving to Maine?

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29 Things You Need To Know About Maine Before You Move There

Living here and visiting here are two totally different experiences.  I say this in my “about me” section.  As a native Mainer I hardly go to the ocean especially in the dead of summer.  The humidity here is 98% so the 90+ degrees feels way WORSE than the 110 degrees other places. I don’t like baking in the sun like a potato.

I have lobster once a year, maybe twice. I’m not a Moxie fan. I don’t ski or snowboard because I’m scared & yes I have tried it, 3 times. The sea food shacks are spot on. There’s a good one in Booth Bay Harbor and one in Wiscasset. Tubby’s IS truly amazing ice cream and worth the drive and price. Never been on a whale watch, island hopping, sailing, or up Katahdin. Love the blue berries, apples, and fresh veggies in the summer/fall. Lobster/Clam/& other festivals are fun to do once, but once is usually enough unless you really like lots of people. We love our wildlife as well as hunting our wildlife. (Well not me, but you know what I mean.)

Some people think we’re not as friendly as they’ve been lead to believe, however I disagree with that. There are places where we’re cautious of strangers or people “from away” just because they usually don’t know where they’re going or what they’re doing.  But it’s not that we don’t like you.  We just don’t know you.  Even in my own town, I wave to people I don’t know, smile walking down the side-walk & usually get a wave or smile back.

The experience you have along the coastal communities is different from the ones inland or even the ones in the mountains.  The state is basically three different ones in one. The southern area where things are a little bit more like Mass. The middle of the state where things are typical Maine, hicks and all. The northern part where you might as well defect to Canada. LOL  I say this in good humor. A Mainer is a Mainer no matter where they are. But our lives and experiences are vastly different we might as well live in another state.

Visiting, you will get the experience the post above is talking about. Living here you may only get some of it.

Your favorite Maine memory or as a question.

2 thoughts on “Moving to Maine?

  1. This post is dead on. I grew up in Maine and blueberry raking in the hot weather is just…dreadful. That I don’t miss! Although,l I don’t eat shellfish. I’m Jewish. So many people from away tell me that I must eat lobster on a daily basis like I’m Martha Stewart or something…but I don’t even think she does that either. I had somebody say that she wishes to live in Maine because of some seal movie. I told her I don’t have a seal. She was disappointed.

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