Estes Lobster House – Harpswell ME

Estes Lobster House in Harpswell Maine almost at the end of route 123 is where my daughter and I had dinner tonight. We went with my father and stepmother. They’re having a triple lobster (1 pounders) special for $20. It’s been a while since we had lobster so we figured why not.  The building is big, roomy and I would guess bright on a non rainy day. It’s been raining all day in Maine today.

Triple Lobster Special

The four of us basically knew what we wanted so we didn’t really need the menu.  We ordered our drinks which are a bit expensive. My Angry Orchard and my daughter’s Eli’s route beer came to just about $10 together. Typical when you order beer and specialty pop at a restaurant. Although a can of soda was $2. They do not drink the tap water and only have bottled water to offer. Anyways, our 3 lobsters came with butter only. Corn, clams, muscles or cole slaw was extra side.  I enjoyed my meal of protein very much. I probably should have taken a lobster home with me but I did not. Next time I’m down there I really need to review the menu and see what else they have for food as well.  Maybe something a bit more balanced. I would totally go back.

With that said though, it is very much in tune with the vacationers from away. It is not the hole in the wall little place that is affordable for most. Be prepared by reviewing the menu ahead of time for the prices and plan accordingly. Our meal was over $100 for 4 of us, with two apple crisps and above mentioned lobsters & drinks.  The waitress Dawn was very nice. The atmosphere was nice. I’m sure eating on the patio would have been beautiful too.  The view without rain must be gorgeous.


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*I’m thinking I’m going to need a score chart for various aspects of my reviews. Atmosphere, Service, Food.

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