Trip to Gettysburg

Made my first out of state trip this year, to Gettysburg PA.

My friend M & departed Maine at 6:30 on Friday morning.  She drove us down to Old Saybrook CT to do some farming and to capture a few portals for guardians. The first slide show starts with those photos. Then we went to New Haven CT and drove around Yale University. Beautiful buildings as you can see from the photos. I had my first falafel sandwich at Mamoun’s Falafel Restraunt in New Haven. Let me just say this… YUM!! 🙂 I didn’t take a photo of my sandwich, but I did get a selfie in the shop.

The first gallery of photos are from my pocket canon camera from both Saturday & Sunday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The second gallery of photos is from my phone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got to Gettysburg after 11 PM. The next morning we were up so that we could make our faction meeting. Found our teams. Got our assignments and headed to the starting portal. We had four measurements in different clusters in the city. We were assigned a portal. We did our best to take/keep it for our faction. Overall we did well. We may not have won every measurement though.

download_20140621_210942Our evening ended with food at Gettysburg Eddie’s with some of the faction members. Food was alright. Then M & I went out and tried to get more unique portals towards our badge. I finally had to call it quits around 11 PM.  M kept at it all night and didn’t get in until 6 AM with a coffee and we were out of the hotel by 8 AM on the way to make a few more loops around the city for our uniques. Brunch around 10 before we headed out of town at 11 AM.  I drove us to NJ. We stopped for gas and she drove us to CT. We had dinner with some of her friends at a sushi place. (I still think Little Tokyo is better.) Her friends were nice and interesting. We drove through Old Saybrook again and then I drove us from CT to Maine. We arrived in Auburn at 3 AM.

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