ChinaTown – Topsham

Recently I went out to eat with my friends from Vermont while they were on vacation here.  We were on our way back from Ft. Popham and we wanted Chinese food. We swung in to Chinatown for lunch.

I ordered C14 Appetizer Combo: Choice of 4 appetizers with pork fried rice. I opted for Chicken Teriyaki, Crab Rangoon, Egg Roll, and Chicken Wing. Let me start with my favorite item the Chicken Wings (2), it was flavorful and crispy, best item on my plate.  Next is the Chicken Teriyaki which was good, flavorful and looked more like chicken than any other chicken teriyaki I’ve had. The Pork Fried Rice was fair, not overly brown, lean pork. Unfortunately I was not a fan of the Egg Roll which was overly fried and really wasn’t as good as I was expecting and the Crab Rangoons not really worth the time.

Here’s what my friends & daughter had to say about their meals.

T ~ had the C9 Chicken & Broccoli & the chicken teriyaki. Her over all opinion on the food: “It was good, but I’ve had better fried rice.”

D ~ had the C4 Sweet & Sour Chicken & Fried Shrimp. “Overly cooked, chicken was dry & the shrimp was hard.”

E ~ had the C13 General Tso’s Chicken & Chicken Teriyaki. “My chicken wasn’t very spicy, everything else was alright.”

K ~ also had the C4 with Crab Rangoon. “It was okay, I’ve had better.”


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