Wow! Over month away from my blog….

I’m sorry, yet again about being so sporadic regarding my posts on my blog. I’ve been up to lots in the past month or so. After returning from PA, a trip to VT & a birthday have passed by.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, reevaluating of my life.  Typical for someone with a birthday recently, I’d think. What I want to dedicate my time to and what I don’t want to spend time doing.

So what happened since my last blog post?  Went back to work and busted my butt to get shit done before year-end. (Fiscal year-end.) My mom started having a bout of vertigo so I went to visit with her at lunch one day. She’s doing better now, but it was really bad that an ambulance ride and cardiac tests were ordered.

As July rolled in I ended up having to take my Toby cat to his last vet visit. Poor man had bone cancer in his knee. In the few short weeks he’d lost so much weight that him surviving a surgery to remove his leg wouldn’t have been likely. I am extremely sad over this still. Went to a BBQ at Linda’s, then to see my Mom & step dad, and then down to have lobster with my Dad & step Mom.  Our kitten Bruce was so distraught over not having another cat in the house, we ended up breaking down and adopting one sooner than we expected, Stormy. She’s a lot of energy. Started going to the gym again to do some weights a couple of times a week. Found out an ex-coworker died, it really affected us a great deal in our office. He was only 42. Had my daughter’s graduation party before she heads up to college. I joined another girl scout team again, not really sure what I’m getting myself in to. Trying to get my financials in order to be in a good place to buy next year. I need to STOP spending money!!! My “writing” hasn’t been productive at all because I’m always using that time to play Ingress.


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And now August has come, a trip to Vermont to visit friends the first week. Didn’t do much in VT but lazy around. Got back to work mid-week and still had a ton of stuff to do.  Went to my first full-fledged team meeting for my new team.  Crazy and unorganized, but at least I know people and our MM from council. Went to my daughter’s boyfriend’s graduation party and is not impressed with his step mom’s gossiping behind my daughter’s back. 😦  Ma-ma bear is agitated, better not poke me. Have rediscovered my obsession with planners. At least I’m not buying more, but watching videos on others. Vermont friends have arrived for a visit. We went to Ft. Popham & Ft. Baldwin in Phippsburg on Tuesday.  Thursday we did a bbq at her friend’s house. (They use to live here in Maine for a few years.) I had the Color Me Rad run on Saturday in Brunswick. Then spent a quiet day at home. Back to the grind and routine starting on Monday the 18th.

More updates to follow. 😉


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