Lotus – Auburn ME – Round 2

I figured I’d give Lotus another go, so I went back with my daughter the other day. We had the buffet again.  This time I took photos of my plates.

First photo has the following: Shrimp Scampi, General Tso’s Chicken, Mushrooms & Pork, Fried Dumpling, Sauteed Green Beans, and Broccoli & Chicken.

I again liked the green beans, no supprise there, something I’d order as take out. The dumpling was basically the same no matter where you go, so yes I enjoyed it. I don’t usually have the General Tso’s Chicken but this time I did and it was very good.  I’m glad that the chicken was in big chunks. I wasn’t a fan of the mushrooms & pork or the chicken & broccoli. The texture of the meat and the flavor of the sauce wasn’t doing it for me. However the shrimp, which I shouldn’t eat a lot of, was quite good. I probably would order this as take out.

Second photo has the following: Seaweed Salad, Edamame, & Sushi roll (Avocado, cream cheese, & cucumber)

The seaweed salad was good, it didn’t quite taste the same as last time, which is good. Meaning that maybe they’re reading this and made an adjustment. Like my opinion matters much.  I really like Edamame, I prefer them warm rather than cold but both ways are good. The sushi roll I had, didn’t have fish in it. I wish I took a closer photo of it. I’m thinking since they do sushi that placing an order of just sushi sometime would be worth a try. They have some things I like listed on their menu and the items I’ve tried were good. The sushi chef seems to know his stuff.

Third photo has: Wonton Soup

Unfortunately I cannot rave about this.  First spoon I put in my mouth was distasteful and abrasive to my throat just the broth alone. The wonton wasn’t bad but it wasn’t really worth the time or space.  I had a couple more spoons of it, but discovered it wasn’t really worth it.  Sorry guys.

Fourth photo has: Chicken Wings, Crab Rangoon, Coconut Chicken, Chicken Terraki, and Sesame Balls.

Unfortunately again, I’m going to stick to my first review of the crab rangoons. Not really a fan of these for some reason. I haven’t found a good one any place for a long time. The chicken terriaki was good, all the flavor was on the outside of the chicken like the process of marinading had been rushed a bit, however I’d opt for it again.  Same with the chicken wings, the outside was good.  I get a kick out of the sesame balls, basically because I still don’t expect them to be sweet or the texture they are. I had two this time.  Again I’m giving high credit to the coconut chicken. From what I was told by my daughter the coconut sauce on a take out order is more than what you can scrape out of the buffet line pan.  Yummy goodness.  The chunks of chicken were large, few just random breaded nothing, which bugs me.  So I’d absolutely order take out of the coconut chicken.

I do like the atmosphere much more at Lotus than I do any other buffet I’ve been to in L/A so far.  Next time is Panda Garden.


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