Cha-cha-Changes – Fall is here

It’s the Autumnal Equinox or Mabon today.  It was abundantly clear Fall was here on my drive to work this morning by the changing of the trees along Little Cobbosseecontee lake in East Winthrop. Beautiful shades of red and orange mixing with the green.

As normal I pull my tarot spread for each equinox and solstice for my journal, which I’m about to get to in a little bit.  Just want to get everything done on the PC while I can before I go relax. I feel I’m in a good space recently and also that things are coming together for me as a single empty-nester of forty-something. In the past I’ve had somewhat of an alter-esk type set up on my dresser, but I haven’t in quite a while now and would like to get back to it.  However my cats make it very difficult for me to do this because they’re constantly climbing on things.  I will put more thought behind it and figure out something. New candles and other such things are a must since all of my other items are MIA. Life gets busy and we let things slide.

Actually I think this is one of my first posts about being “Pagan”.  I don’t necessarily “practice” specifically. I am a believer that the energy I put out is what I get back, so I try to make it positive.  I couldn’t put myself in a Pagan box, so please don’t ask me to try.

Anyways… as part of this year’s Equinox I thought I’d make a gratitude list in addition to my “meditation” & divining. So here you go my friends….

  • My family – even though I don’t always see them weekly I know they’re always there for me no matter what.
    • My children – who are awesome and funny, bright and quirky, and who are discovering their voice and who they are as young adults.
    • My parents – I’m so very thankful they’re still with me.
  • New friends – I’ve discovered new friends. I’m not always fond people so I’m grateful that these new friends are some that I like and choose to hang out with.
  • Old friends – some friends I’ve lost touch with on a regular basis but I’m still glad to call them friends.
  • My home – I may live far from work but I like my home, I have a roof, heat, and a bed.
  • My daughter’s pesky cats – Both of them – they’re a new experience for me and I miss my Toby every day, but these two are entertaining although a little duh sometimes.
  • My car – that is still running fairly well and that it’s not costing me an arm & leg to keep it going.  It may be tough on gas but it gets me to & from where I need to go. Wonderful!
  • Morning coffee – it’s one of my vices I haven’t given up and will not. It makes me happy.
  • My job – the people I work with make it worth it or I’d have moved on by now.  (So does the benefits.) I work in cubie land, doing something that’s not wicked hard but I like what I do most days. Having not had a job I’m blessed to have one I like and don’t dread.
  • The past – without my past I would not be the person I am today.  All of the knock downs and slip ups I’ve had made me stronger as a person.
  • Tomorrow – without tomorrow we cannot be better than today. Time is slipping away and we must enjoy it and relish it while we can. Stop putting off things and just do them. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, to any of us.

Have a glorious Autumn my friends. Soak in the beauty of the changes.



5 thoughts on “Cha-cha-Changes – Fall is here

  1. Love this! It seems we are of similar minds today, too. With the moon and sun balancing, it’s only logical that we do the same. Meditate, reflect, embrace the now. Happy Autumn! 🙂

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