ME FIRST: Year 3

Some of you may know that I was in the ME FIRST program through my work if you read my other blog. This is my third year and there has been lots of changes. I’m not fond of changes, especially when you’re trying to be consistent with a group of people trying to better themselves and their lifestyles. I joined the ME 4 Life group who meets 2 times a month instead of once. I’m also suppose to meet my wellness coach more often, although now I’ll have a new one.  I’ve have a new facilitator as well, Carol.

I recently had my health screening for the program. Things are looking good. In the month and a half we haven’t been meeting I’ve done really well.  Lost about 7 pounds and all my numbers are dropping fairly consistently.  I have a few little issues that may have been related to food consumption in the days prior but nothing anyone is worried about. I seem to do better when I don’t over think it and just do what I’m suppose to do.  I didn’t have to talk about stuff for over a month and I didn’t really think about it.  I behaved myself in situations where I declined stuff or opted for less.  I’ve been good at getting out but not so good about going to the gym.  Most of my stuff has been cardio.

So with the first official meeting under my belt I believe I’ll continue on for now. I kind of want to see where this goes. I can always drop the whole program if I choose to at any time.  And to the surprise of my wellness coach I made a goal: to charge & wear my fit bit. I had been doing well most of the week.

What’s the old Nike ad “Just Do It!”? That’s what I’m going to do.  Enough of this discussing and planning and such. I’m just going to “ghetter dun”.

Say What?

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