Ooops I did it again

This time it didn’t take me years to figure out that things weren’t going to work out with my volunteer roll. However it wasn’t all my doing. I made my best effort.

I had today off so I puttered around the house after getting up late. My son stopped by with his girlfriend and we visited for a little while they did laundry. I made them well aware that I had to leave for a meeting tonight in Augusta. Which I was a little bitter about having on a “holiday” to make me drive in to Augusta on a day I didn’t normally have to.  So I was already a little cranky.  Then after seeing one person say they wouldn’t be there and finding out another person wasn’t going to go I got even more cranky.  I probably live the furthest away and made more of an effort than others who are closer.  It was clear that this commitment didn’t mean much to them, so why should it mean as much to me.

Well at the meeting tonight basically the whole team was fired. Told that a team format wasn’t working and that it was going to be handled by the new MM & other people.  I had just opened my dinner and started eating when this bomb shell dropped.  I promptly stopped eating and packed my meal back up in to the bag.  If they didn’t want my help then I’m happy to walk away.

I have other things to use my time for.

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