It’s coming…

I don’t mean Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. I’m talking about a whole month!  A whole month of nothing but butts in seats & fingers on keyboards.  A whole month of dumping the words in your head out to make it something real.  NaNoWriMo!Participant-2014-Twitter-Profile

Since I’m a glutton for punishment or at least disappointment, in this case, I am yet again going to attempt this.  I’m actually aiming for about 25K word count as it will be the MOST I’ve ever done.

I’m also trying to PLAN my novel this year rather than PANTSING it like I have done in the past.  Ya know how well that worked out for me… *insert crickets here*

If you want to read some of my past posts over the last 2 years of NaNo please click the word “WRITING” in the category cloud to the left.  (just above the NaNo picture)

I struggle every year even though I have awesome ideas that start off good and end up kind of petering out before I’m ready. It has occurred to me that maybe I’m not writing things in the correct order, that I should be writing backwards purposefully so I know the ending before I know the beginning. *Ahh Ha moment – did you see the light bulb come on?*

What have you been doing to get ready for NaNo?  Have you won in the past?  What has helped you finish NaNo?

One thought on “It’s coming…

  1. The wall over my desk looks like the murder board on Castle. No joke. I’m going hardcore planner this year. 2012, the year I won, was all about the outline and it worked. Last year…ehh. I was more of a plantser. There was a loose outline, but the story itself didn’t have the gumption to make it past 30k (and it’s still in revision stages).

    What really helped, and will again this year, is participating in all the awesome online NaNo group love – sprints, shout outs of support, etc. The group I found down here has several write-ins lined up within a few miles of me, and the best part is I’m not responsible for anything more than getting my ass there. I don’t know how the ML’s do it!

    Good luck girl! See you on the boards 🙂

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