Yoga Trapeze… or is it?

Okay, I don’t usually do this and fair warning this could be kind of raunchy (just a smidgen) but I couldn’t pass this up. The ad was just sitting there on my Facebook and I had to.

Now if you’re of a delicate nature you may not want to read on.

A few questions…

  • Did this come first or did the sex swing? (sorry for the education… I did warn you.) AKA: love swing/harness
  • Did a yogi discover this new anti gravity (inversion) yoga while in a sex swing? (he was getting busy. brown chicken brown cow)
  • It has a 30 day trial… returns? *ponder* (somethings I don’t want to think about)
  • Should it really go on a child’s swing-set as the video says? (a sex swing on the youngsters play set.)
  • Or should we hang it from a doorway? (awkward if it’s in view of the front door. DING DONG…)
  • Can it be installed over the bed? (now that’s more like it.)

All joking aside, I can see how it would be beneficial to people.  I’ve often thought I need an inversion table session, but sadly I don’t have one.  It could prove to be quite interesting to say the least. Especially when visitors come calling. “What’s this?”  So inversion yoga and conversation starter, a two-for.

You’d think a sex swing would have a bit more help keeping you in to avoid mishap falls. Don’t want to file that lawsuit. “Woman sues for fall from sex swing. Suing maker for $250,000.”  Although this looks much safer.

Hope you found this humorous as it was intended. 😉

*I really should have been working on my novel and not this.  Last scheduled post for November while I’m otherwise occupied.  *light bulb* Maybe write this into the novel?

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