Tin Tin Buffet – Auburn ME

wpid-141227_123232_collage-1.jpgTin Tin Buffet in Auburn is usually my go to buffet.

I like their dumplings, green beans, and hot & sour soup.

Here’s what I had this time: Dumplings – typical but for some reason I actually really like them. Green beans – these are by far the best I’ve found so far on any buffet. They’re still kind of crisp. Random veggies – basically the same as any place. Salmon – a bit dry but alright.

Peanut chicken – very good actually even though I don’t have it often. Coconut shrimp/chicken depending on the day – usually fairly good. Crab Rangoons – acceptable, these do not have any funny after taste like some others do. Chicken on a stick – very good although I like the chunky ones they seem to have the most flavor rather than the fat ones. Ribs – the smaller ones are more yummy than the fat ones. Chicken wing – these are good, usually flavorful and crispy.

The Hot and Sour soup has very large chunks of tofu which I like and good size mushrooms which I also like. I tend to strain out as much broth as I can while dishing it out.

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