New Obsession

I have a new fascination, let’s call it obsession.

Traveler’s NotebooksMidori TRAVELER'S Notebook Brown-31

The most commonly known is the Midori Traveler’s Notebook from Japan.  They have two sizes, regular (11cm x 21cm) and passport (8.9cm x 12.4cm) size. Genuine leather tanned and crafted in to notebooks in Japan. Inserts are held into the leather cover with elastic band(s) strung through the spine.

As much as I love the looks of the original Midori I just haven’t had the funds to buy one plus the inserts. The more I look at the size of the inserts the more I’m looking towards buying/making a fauxdori for the cashier (5x8in) books.  I originally had planned on using A5 size which isn’t much bigger but not as available in my area if I just wanted to pick something up.

Midori Inserts
I had originally purchased two Field Note size TNs from someone on the community FB pages. One for my daughter and one for me, however I’m not liking the FN size as I find it too small.

I was going to write out and explain the size differences with the inserts for these types of notebooks. However I found this picture online and figured it’d work better for most people.

  • Moleskine Large = W5 x H8.1″
  • Midori Regular = W4 x H8.1″
  • Midori Passport = W3.5 x H5.2″
    • approximation as I don’t have any of these in front of me at this time to measure.
    notebook size in millimeters
    notebook size in millimeters

    There are a lot of people who make their own faux ‘dori or make them for others. Etsy has several sellers who are quite talented at either the leather or the inserts for these books. There are also some who aren’t quite as talented selling some similar items so be choosy when making a purchase. There’s also a market for ‘dori bling which are charms for the bookmarks and elastic closures. I recently found some extra items in my stash of crafting supplies that I plan on wpid-wp-1423410350617.jpegmaking ‘dori bling and putting them on Etsy or eBay.

    I’m selling my Field Note size TN by Jonel that I bought from Maggie Ann. It has 4 elastics on the spine and bookmark with closure from the back cover. I restrung the spine elastics because I didn’t like the knot on the inside spine. So now it’s on the outside bottom.  I found after trying it out it wasn’t exactly the size I needed. I had the book that was sent with it, in it, a food tracker, and some homemade scrap notebooks with a scrap envelope folder.  I’m including the book that came with it as I didn’t write in it. I love the feel and color of it, but as I said it’s just not the right size for me.

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    Are you a Traveler’s Notebook fan? Tell me about your obsession. Thanks for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “New Obsession

  1. Great read! I’ve been thinking about getting one! For some reason I thougjt the regular sized midori would be the same size as a filofax personal! Lucky for me you cleared that up 😉

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