Timing is Everything

Ain’t that the truth with so many things. In this case it worked out well for me.

I was going to sell my FN size TN to get a larger TN that would fit 5X8.2 size insert. I happened to mention this on someone’s post that trying out the size of inserts before getting the leather was a good plan. And that I wish I had done that before buying my FN.  It was serendipitous. Jenn was looking for a FN size and offered to trade with me. She had a wide FoxyDori vibrant blue with a pen loop. In private messaged her and we set it up.

It arrived today before work. (Her’s arrived yesterday 13th.) I couldn’t wait to add my inserts and bling to it. I keep hugging, smelling and touching it. To say I love it is odd but it is the most awesome!

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