How I lost 3 days

What is today? Friday the 27th I think.

What happened to this week? Where did it go?

You know how when you’re on vacation and all the days seem to blend together? Being in the hospital feels the same way.

What the hell happened?  Good question.  As far as I can tell (and the doctors think) I had an infection.  I’ll spare you the gory details of this.  Basically I went to the ER on Sunday night, they kept me overnight and released me on Monday morning. Gave me a couple of prescriptions to take. On Monday I slept all day, except for those few moments I awoke to take my Rx and return to bed with little to no food. Got up on Tuesday feeling worse (rather not any better) and had my son drive me back to the ER after consulting with my Dr office. Spent all of Tuesday in the ER kind of drugged up on pain killers (not a fan of that feeling) and having tests. They finally admitted me that evening. Not in time for any food really, so I got a turkey sandwich, jello, & ginger ale from the floor stash. Spent all day Wednesday drugged up and more tests and no food until that night which wasn’t sitting well. Over those two days I had massive amounts of antibiotics both oral and IV. Thursday morning there was talk of going home at some point that day.  Unknown to half the staff. Got to have breakfast and lunch and actually keep the food in my body. Thankfully. I was released mid afternoon and a friend gave me a ride home.

I basically lost Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. I didn’t journal, hardly facebooked, only texted those who needed to know what was up. I slept a lot, watched rerun TV some and slept more.

I wish I had been more persistent with my Dr. about my pain so that maybe I wouldn’t have had to go through this. Although I don’t really know if there was any way to know what was happening with my body based on all the info I got from the doctors.  Kind of a fluke thing which is typical of my body.

Listen to your body. It knows more than you think.

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