Evicting My Uterus

Apparently my uterus is wicked unhappy in its current home. She has become quite the squeaky wheel. So she is being evicted. The issues have been going on since August of last year and finally everything came to a culmination when she sent me to the ER twice in three days at the end of February. Enough is enough. I’ve had enough of the pain, enough of the irritation, and enough of the pressure. She’s currently unemployed and unemployable.  As of next week I’m kicking her out. For my sanity, safety, and well-being she must go. Where she goes I don’t care.

I will miss her a little bit. She has granted shelter for two wonderful children from the 90s and I’m very thankful for her help. So her legacy lives on.

However in the process of evicting her it will cost me, not too bad but a little more than what I saved up for. So I’m asking for your help in not only the cost of evicting her but also to stay caught up on everything else. See she’s forcing me to take time off to recoup from the mess she created. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated.

My GoFundME page

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